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Partners and Allies of the Great Lakes

Here are some additional organizations helping to make the Great Lakes region more economically and environmentally sound: 

Alliance for the Great Lakes - The Alliance for the Great Lakes is a nonpartisan nonprofit working across the region to protect our most precious resource: the fresh, clean, and natural waters of the Great Lakes. 

Blue Accounting - Blue Accounting provides decision-makers with a big picture view of complex issues and relevant information so they can set priorities and allocate resources most efficiently.

Conference of Great Lakes & St Lawrence Governors & Premiers - The Conference of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers unites the chief executives from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Qu├ębec and Wisconsin.  The Governors and Premiers work as equal partners to grow the region’s $6 trillion economy and protect the world’s largest system of surface fresh water. 

Council on Great Lakes Industries - The Council of Great Lakes Industries (CGLI) was formed in 1991 by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and a group of U.S. and Canadian companies with significant investment in the Great Lakes Region. The mission of CGLI is to promote the economic growth and vitality of the Great Lakes region in harmony with its human and natural resources (sustainable development).

Council of the Great Lakes Region - The Council of the Great Lakes Region provides a binational, multi-sector forum for exchange and collaboration on the region’s key risks and opportunities. Beginning with conversations about the Region’s most critical issues, the Council encourages those with common interests to drive commitment and action through dialogue groups, research, advocacy, and programs.

Great Lakes Echo - Great Lakes Echo is produced by the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University. Original content is produced by students, faculty, professional journalists and Capital News Service. It fosters and serves a news community defined by proximity to and interest in the environment of the Great Lakes watershed. 

Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition - The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition is a collective of chambers of commerce across the Great Lakes region that jointly advocate on core policy issues, including water quality, immigration reform, trade, and transportation and infrastructure. 

Great Lakes Now - The Great Lakes now initiative offers in-depth coverage of news, issues, events and developments affecting the lakes and the communities that depend on them, while capturing the character and culture of the region.

Michigan Sea GrantThrough research, education, and outreach, Michigan Sea Grant is dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the Great Lakes and coastal resources.

The Brookings InstitutionGreat Lakes Economic Initiative - The Great Lakes Economic Initiative is a multi-year research and policy development initiative to improve the economic vitality of the 12-state Great Lakes region.