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About the Council


The Great Lakes Economic Development Council is was conceived by a group of local economic development practitioners who had a desire to see the regional economy restored and strengthened for future generations, while at the same time, protecting the sustainability of the region's vast natural resources. It was officially incorporated in the U.S. state of Ohio in 2017.  

It is the newest among several regional economic development association in North America. It seeks to unite its professional economic development members in the two Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec and the eight United States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York in working together to maintain the region's economic competitiveness.  

The GLEDC is voluntarily managed with oversight and direction provided by a voluntary Board of Advisors comprised of economic development professionals and other interested persons representing each of the 10 provinces and states. 

The GLEDC is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, which is centrally located in the Great lakes region and, with its proximity to Windsor, Canada, represents the close international economic ties between the two countries.  

Vision Statement

The Great Lakes Economic Development Council will unite economic development professionals in a collaborative effort to maintain a 
growing and diversified economy through entrepreneurship, small business development, business retention and growth, and new business attraction.   The GLEDC believes the natural resources of the Great Lakes represent a competitive locational advantage and will support the region's leadership in sustainable development, promoting the principles of environmentally-sound, socially- and culturally-responsible economic development as assets that will enhance the region's economic growth.  Doing so will foster an enviable quality of life that will continue to make the Great Lakes region a recognized community of choice for residents, businesses and new investment for generations to come.

Mission Statement

To strengthen the economy of the Great Lakes region and maintain a high quality of life for its residents.

Our Goals

    • Promote the region's economic competitiveness as a place for new and expanding businesses.
    • Be an active voice to shape regional policy and programs that strengthen the regions desirability for new investment
    • Support sustainable development and protection of natural resources
    • Develop tools and research to support economic growth in the region
    • Promote collaboration between Great Lakes communities  and,
    • Unify the region in a vision for economy shifting efforts